Anger Leads To Shame

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame - Ben Franklin

11/6/18 Brandy, Addy, and Grace, "Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame." - Ben Franklin Unrealistic expectations lead to frustration - frustration leads to either apathy (an "I give up" attitude) or anger, and anger leads to shame for one or more of the people involved. Shame is a painful feeling of humiliation and… Continue reading Anger Leads To Shame

Wisdom Begins With Recognized Ignorance

The Doorstep the Temple of Wisdom is the Knowledge of Our Own Ignorance - Ben Franklin

8/20/18 "The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is the knowledge of our own ignorance." - Ben Franklin Far too many people walk around content in their ignorance because they are embarrassed or afraid to ask a question that would give them the wisdom they need to succeed in life. The root of this problem… Continue reading Wisdom Begins With Recognized Ignorance