Jesus In Disguise

In The Poor We Meet Jesus In The Most Distressing Disguises

7/27/18 "In the poor we meet Jesus in the most distressing disguises." - Mother Teresa 7/27/18 I really recommend that you study and understand Jesus' Heart in Matthew 25:14-46. You see, Jesus didn't/doesn't look like that blue-eyed Anglo pretty-boy that hangs on far too many walls around the world. No, instead He looks like each… Continue reading Jesus In Disguise

Inspire People To Dream Bigger Than They’re Living

Inspire Others to Dream Bigger Than What They Are Living

7/25/18 I hope to inspire people to dream bigger than what they are living, but a dream within their reach. - Michael Franti It's great to dream big - to set grand goals - to accomplish the missions before you, but don't forget to look around from time to time and see who you can… Continue reading Inspire People To Dream Bigger Than They’re Living

Life Is About Sharing

Life Is About Sharing

7/22/18 "Life is about sharing. Whatever you have, be it time, money, knowledge, life lessons... The Good News of Salvation... Share and pass along the things that make you who you are." - Dad Many people look for happiness and joy in selfish endeavors... these are things that tend to only benefit you (and maybe… Continue reading Life Is About Sharing