Getting Past “Impossible”

It Is Always Impossible Until It Is Done

7/28/18 "It's always impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela The very idea of running a mile in less than 4 minutes was said to be "impossible" by most doctors and runners alike... until Roger Bannister did it on May 6, 1954, and then the "mental lid" was removed. Two months later Bannister raced and… Continue reading Getting Past “Impossible”

Be A Life-Long Learner

If You Learn from Defeat then You Have Not Really Lost

7/24/18 "If you learn from defeat, then you haven't really lost." - Zig Ziglar You need to be a life-long learner to reach your full potential and accomplish your dreams. It's important to learn from both success and defeat - this is how you improve. You want to double-down on the things that led to… Continue reading Be A Life-Long Learner