The Foundation Stones Of Success

8/30/18 The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty. - Zig Ziglar It's not all that hard to be successful in one thing or another for a short period of time. We just need to focus all our effort, do what people tell us to do, perhaps take… Continue reading The Foundation Stones Of Success

Moby Dick, A Row Boat, And Some Tartar Sauce

8/9/18 "I'm so optimistic, I'd go after Moby Dick in a rowboat and take the tartar sauce with me." - Zig Ziglar Optimism is an attitude - the outward expression of Faith and Hope. I heard a story once (in the movie Facing the Giants) about two farmers who were facing a drought. Both farmers… Continue reading Moby Dick, A Row Boat, And Some Tartar Sauce

Be A Life-Long Learner

If You Learn from Defeat then You Have Not Really Lost

7/24/18 "If you learn from defeat, then you haven't really lost." - Zig Ziglar You need to be a life-long learner to reach your full potential and accomplish your dreams. It's important to learn from both success and defeat - this is how you improve. You want to double-down on the things that led to… Continue reading Be A Life-Long Learner