Stop Complaining – Start Encouraging


“Stop Complaining! If you can’t do anything about it, then stop complaining about it. If you can do something about it, then stop complaining about it, and do something about it.” – Dad

It’s natural to want to complain, but complaining is debilitating, and the negative effects it has on our lives is astronomical. Complaining begins with me/you/us telling ourselves that “this is wrong, and I’m too helpless (or lazy) to do anything about it.” This negative self-talk moves from our heads to our hearts and then out of our mouths so that everyone around us gets to live the self-inflicted misery that we choose to live in. And it’s in this misery that a helpless, victim mentality kicks in that prevents us from acting on the things we can influence in our lives.

Side Note: There’s a difference between complaining and dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction with something can go one of two ways: It can lead to change or complaining. One is fruitful and the other is poisonous.

My Girls, I Pray that you’ll have the self-discipline to reject the negative and embrace the positive in life so that you encourage as many people and become the change that you want to see in this Fallen World.

Challenge Question: Complaining or Changing – which will you choose TODAY?

God’s Word: Matthew 15:16-20, Numbers 14:1-38, & Philippians 4:8-9

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