Welcome To The Family

Whether you have a solid foundation of family or perhaps you’re walking alone trying to figure this thing called “Life” out, I hope you find encouragement and guidance to help you find your unique purpose and reach your dreams.

WHY is the most fundamental of questions – an important one for every major decision.

WHY Do I Invest the Time Here?

My goal in life is to help people find their purpose in life and then encourage and equip them as they move forward.

Taking my goal down to the family-level, this started with the simple desire to pass along some wisdom and inspiration to my three daughters. I didn’t feel like I was doing this very well in casual conversation, so I decided to write a daily thought on a Post-It Note and leave it on their bathroom mirror each morning. Although I still leave physical notes, this website has become a place where I can store those Post-Its and document my thoughts for posterity… sort of a digital journal if you will.

WHY Should You Invest Your Time Here?

I believe you’ll find life-improving value on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels that will help you find your unique purpose and achieve your dreams.

HOW We Will Do This Is Two-Fold:

  1. Post-It Notes: As I said before, this is where everything began when I started leaving Post-It Notes on my daughter’s bathroom mirror every morning. The notes are divided into 4 sections: a quote, my thoughts, a challenge question, and references from the Bible about the topic. The daily blog captures the Post-It and also allows me to sort out and present some additional thoughts just couldn’t fit on a 3″ x 3″ note.
  2. The Rest of the Story:┬áThese are more essay-type longer form blogs on various topics that I want my daughters to understand through my eyes. I don’t necessarily expect them (or you) to agree with me, but I do want to put it out there for consideration. Feel free to recommend a Daily Post-It Note or another topic on which you would like to hear The Rest of the Story.

Why not check out some Post-It Notes?

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