The Purpose of Human Life is to Love & Show Compassion & the Will to Serve Others - Albert Scweitzer

Life Purpose = Love = Compassion + Action

My Dearest Daughters,

“The purpose of human life is to Love and show Compassion and the Will to Serve others.” – Albert Schweitzer

At some point, we all reflect on life and ask,  
“What’s the meaning of all this? Why am I here?”  For most, if we don’t figure it out early in life, then the older we get, the more frequently we ponder life’s purpose. Now while these are good questions, I believe what we’re really asking is, “When it’s all over… when my days are done, will it matter that I lived?”

There are many things we can pursue in life, such as wealth, power, pleasure, wisdom, etc… The simple fact is that God has given everyone resources by which to live and the free will to choose how we will invest them, and our daily decisions are directly related to our soul-searching question, “Will my life matter?” Because when I die, the evidence of my selfishness and/or service to others will produce seeds that live beyond the beat of my heart and the breath of my lungs. For good or bad, my daily decisions will outlive me.

Love God & People

God has written Eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11) – we know that there is something beyond this life, and our search for meaning is found in this: that we should Love God & People (Matthew 22:36-40). And our pursuit of Love isn’t something that we just feel in our hearts or talk about with our lips, it reveals itself in Faith and Service to those who God Loves (1st John 3:18)… and God Loves everyone (John 3:16-17).

My Girls, I Hope & Pray that you will Love God & People with all your heart, soul, and might, and in doing so in each of your own unique ways, you will find your life’s purpose.

Challenge Question

How can you serve God and People TODAY?

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