Life Is Hardly More Than A Fraction Of A Second Such Little Time To Prepare For Eternity Paul Gauguin

Live With Eternity In Your Heart


“Life is hardly more than the fraction of a second. Such little time to prepare for Eternity.” – Paul Gauguin

Eternity and the life after this life is something that most ponder from time to time (more often older you get), and there are many views out there from which to choose.

Side Note To Non-Christian Readers: As a Christian, I respect the Free Will choice of those who hold to other faith traditions, as does The God of the Bible (by giving us Free Will), and your relationship with The God of the Bible will not affect my relationship with you here and now in this life; however, this is a topic that I must present from the perspective of the Bible, because these notes are written to my daughters and are only shared with the public after the fact. I hope that you can understand and respect my heart on this matter… and respect my concern for your Eternal Life.

My Girls, I have held many views on Eternity throughout my life, searching for meaning  in physical strength and endurance, power, position, possessions, education, alcohol, and many fruitless hobbies only to find that they all left a hole in the center of my heart that is reserved only for the longing of Eternity, because God has written Eternity on our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11).  I know this sounds too simple to be true, but Eternal fulfillment is only found in mankind’s True Purpose, which is to Love God and People (Matthew 22:36-40). We Love God by having Faith in The Jesus of the Bible (John 3:16-21 & 14:6Romans 10:8-12 & Ephesian 2:8-10), and we Love People by doing what Jesus did when He walked on this earth – by being His Hands, Feet, and Mouth to those around us, wherever life takes us.

Lastly, My Girls, always remember that your life is Eternal, and where you spend that Eternity is up to you, as is how you spend your life here and now – whether you focus on fleeting things that don’t satisfy for long and definitely won’t make it into Eternity… well, it’s a choice you must make. I Hope and Pray that my influence helps you to choose wisely because God doesn’t have any grandchildren (my Faith only Saves me).

Challenge Question: What will you do TODAY that will last into Eternity?

God’s Word: Ecclesiastes 3:9-11 & 12:13-14, James 4:13-17, and Luke 12:13-34

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