The Future Does Not Belong To The Fainthearted It Belongs To The Brave - Ronald Reagan

Courage Leads To Bravery

“The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted. It belongs to the brave.” – Ronald Reagan

Bravery stems from courage. You see, courage is the willingness to overcome fear in the face of pain, hardship, and threats of violence even unto death, bravery is taking action without considering personal risk – it’s doing what must be done. Courage is putting the boat in the water to go to war, whereas bravery is barreling full speed ahead in the face of torpedoes.

  • Courage was displayed by our founding fathers during the American Revolution when they signed the Declaration of Independence, demanding freedom from the aristocratic rule of England. Bravery was found in the many battles that stemmed from their courage. It was here that Patrick Henry declared, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”
  • Courage is what “The Greatest Generation” displayed during World War II when the very existence of freedom was threatened by Germany and Japan, and an entire generation volunteered to leave their jobs and families to fight in foreign lands and women left their homes to work and supply the war effort. Bravery was found in the battles that stemmed from their courage (both abroad and domestically). I’ll never forget a retired Marine Sergeant Major (he fought in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam) as he told our group of Sergeants, “When we got on that boat in San Diego to go to war in the Pacific for World War II, we knew that we were only coming home in victory or in a box – there was no other way.” And almost four years later, he returned in victory.
  • Courage is what those who led and participated in the Civil Rights Movement displayed as they redeemed their rights to freely pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Bravery is what was displayed in the battles they fought in bus seats, at lunch counters, and on marches that stemmed from their courage. Before one such march, a group gathered in a small church to Pray, and Dr. King gave some encouraging words, asked them to regroup at the Church after the march, and he ended with, “…but some of us will not be returning here.” Yet they still marched, bravely… and some indeed did not return, yet they continued on because they had a Calling that was greater than themselves – a vision for a future that demanded courage, bravery, and sacrifice.

My Girls, until the end of days – until you breathe your last or Jesus Returns, there will always be injustice and hate that stems from evil – evil that wants to oppress Freedom, and where evil thrives, opportunities to be the Hands, Feet, and Mouth of Jesus will also exist – a Righteous cause will forever be before you here in this Fallen World, and I Hope and Pray that you will have the courage to Fight the Good Fight of Faith, Hope, and Love, being brave (fearless) in your Love for others in their time of need. Keep life simple: Live Love Today.

Challenge Question: What courage will you display TODAY that will lead to acts of bravery tomorrow?

God’s Word: 1st John 4:17-20, Romans 8:14-18, Isaiah 4:10-13, and 2nd Timothy 4:6-8

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