God’s Will Meets You Where You Are

Brandy, Addy, and Grace,

“God’s Will is not where you’re going – It’s where you are.” – A Focus on the Family podcast guest.

So many people, especially Christians, search for God’s Will like it’s some sort of desert mirage off in the distance – something that exists only in the future in a place other than where you are right now, and after days, weeks, months, years… (sigh) after a lifetime of wandering in the desert, chasing the vapor of an oasis that contains your life’s purpose, you become frustrated and decide to just drink the sand (power, prestige, possessions, unhealthy pleasure, etc..) that this Fallen World so readily provides. This is a sad reality for so many who drift around from mirage to mirage, eventually reaching a point at the end of life – distraught and wondering, “God, why was I here?”

But this isn’t what was intentionally Designed for our lives. No, God is not elusive. He’s ever-present with you right here – right now, providing opportunity to understand and align with His Will for your life.

What’s God’s Will For My Life?

(drum roll, please) God’s Will for my/your life to Love Him and Love People – to be a Follower of Jesus and teach other how to Follow Him too (Matthew 22:36-40 & 28:18-20).

  • WE LOVE GOD right here – right now through Faith (Galatians 3:6 & Ephesians 2:8), by Believing that God sent His only Son, Jesus, to show us how to Love God and People… Part of this Faith is also Believing that He was killed for my/your/our sin (which separated us from God), and He was buried in a tomb that was meant for us, But God raised Him up from the grave… raised Him up out of death as a Sign and Promise of what’s to come for those who Believe (Romans 10:8-10).
  • WE LOVE PEOPLE right here – right now by reflecting the Mercy, Grace, and Love that God showed us (John 15:12), as we follow the example Jesus set for us. You see, Jesus preached about God’s Love and plan for reconciliation between Him and His Creation and taught about God’s Heart everywhere He went, and when He absolutely had to, He even used words (1st John 3:16-18)

My Girls, you’ll see opportunities to align with God’s Will wherever you are. I Hope and Pray that you will continually embrace It in Faith and that those He brings into your life will see Him clearly as you walk like Him and speak His Words of Life, Love, and Healing.

Life Application Question

What does Loving God & People look like in your life TODAY?

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