In The Poor We Meet Jesus In The Most Distressing Disguises

Jesus In Disguise


“In the poor we meet Jesus in the most distressing disguises.” – Mother Teresa


I really recommend that you study and understand Jesus’ Heart in Matthew 25:14-46. You see, Jesus didn’t/doesn’t look like that blue-eyed Anglo pretty-boy that hangs on far too many walls around the world. No, instead He looks like each and every one of us in all of our conditions in life (whether that condition is self-imposed or not is irrelevant), and this understanding should drive us to Love those in physical, emotional, and spiritual poverty – not just in thought and word, but in Truth, Loving-Kindness, and Deeds.

My Girls, you can spend your whole life chasing after and even accomplishing your dreams, and if those dreams are within God’s Purpose for your life that’s great, but along the way you still have to look around, see Jesus in the faces of those who He brings into your life, and be His Hands, Feet, and Mouth to those in need.

Challenge Question: Who will Jesus look like in your life TODAY?

God’s Word: Matthew 25:14-46, Mark 2:15-17 & 6:34-44

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