Just Because You Think It Does Not Mean You Have To Say It

Do You Really Need To Say That?


“Just because you think it doesn’t mean you have to say it.” – Dad

Sometimes we might feel that we just “have to give someone a piece of our mind.” STOP! Don’t do that! Chances are at that point in time your mind is so closed off and small that you can’t afford to give any of it away. I had to learn this the hard way (and still do from time to time).

My Girls, before you run your mouth, check your heart, because whatever is in your heart (for good or bad) is about to come out of your mouth. Choose wisdom over ignorance – healing over hurting.

Challenge Question: How can you change your heart and speech TODAY?

God’s Word: Mark 7:21-23, James 3:1-12 & Proverbs 17:27-28 & 18:21

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