The Day God Became Thirsty

My children, as I studied John 19:28-37 this morning, these are the thoughts that I want to pass along in Hope that one day you will understand and appreciate The Word.

God had a Plan. Our Father made a way for us to be Restored to Him. It required His Son to be Rejected… Jesus had to be Rejected so we could be Accepted. He knew this and did everything God Required. He accomplished His Mission – His Rescue Mission. He fulfilled the Requirements. His Father wept in Heaven (my conjecture) as He turned His back on Him – The Holy Spirit and His Father left Him for the first time in His life…

And He became Thirsty

John 19:28b

Physically thirsty? Sure, but more importantly, Spiritually Thirsty.

This is something we need to understand. Jesus Promises Living Water… He Promises to quench our thirst… He Promised it to the Samaritan woman at the well – the one who was rejected by her own people because of her sin (John 4:4-26), and He now calls us/everyone to Himself, for He Is our Living Water (John 7:38 & 4:14).

But there on The Cross, it was Jesus who was Thirsty… And what did He get? The only thing the world can offer – sour wine that tastes terrible and leaves you still Thirsting for satisfaction.

And after He took everything God and this Fallen World had for Him, It Was FinishedThe Mission Was Accomplished, and I/you/we became free to Go Live Love Today and help quench the thirst of everyone He brings into our lives.

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