Change Your Story By Adding "YET" To The End - Simon Sinek

The Power of “YET”

“Change your story by adding ‘YET’ to the end.” – Simon Sinek

We all tell ourselves stories about who we are and what we can do. For those of us with a generally positive attitude, our dreams for the future are pretty clear. Our narratives speak from Vision – not reality, because we know that if we tell a story long enough (either a positive or negative one), it will gain traction, and the more we repeat it – the more real it becomes until the vision replaces the reality before us. However, for others, negative self-talk can limit success, because they choose to see what they are today – not what they could be in the tomorrows to come; therefore, their minds don’t influence their hearts, and without heart, no life-giving oxygen is pumped to the hands, feet, and mouth of transformation.

Regardless of our natural mindset, there will come days of discouragement when we will need to add the word “YET” to the end of our story. For example:

  • “I’m not the best husband or dad I could be, YET.” But I can reflect on what went well TODAY and double-down on it tomorrow, and I can make a few improvements too.
  • I’m not a great writer, YET.” But I can write something TODAY and improve my craft and maybe even teach or encourage someone along the way.
  • “I’m not an Ironman triathlete or a 100-mile ultramarathoner, YET.” But I can get out there TODAY and add a few more laps and miles to the log that will carry me one step closer to those achievements.

Whatever we’re struggling to achieve, the Power of YET keeps us focused on our dreams. The Power of YET allows us to reject today’s reality as tomorrow’s destiny. The Power of YET breaks through mental blocks and keeps us from defining who we are by what we can or can’t do today.

My Girls, I Hope and Pray that you realize that you are a work in progress with a unique God-Given Purpose (a dream), and the Power of YET will help keep you moving along the path that He’s laid out for you.

Challenge Question: Where do you need to insert a “YET” into your life TODAY?

God’s Word: Philippians 3:12-14 and 1st Corinthians 12:12

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