Show Up Every Day

Show Up Every Day


You’ll have good days, bad days, overwhelming days, ‘I just can’t go on days.’ And every day you’ll still show up, and YOU WILL get through it. – Toby Mac

“Feelings” (emotions) are important… they allow you to connect to the world around you and take appropriate action, but you should take care to never allow emotions (especially negative emotions) to set your course for the day (week, month, year, decade, life…) because you will become like a ship on a rough sea – tossed to and fro and never making it to your intended destination.

Instead, allow your vision/dreams/life purpose to keep your emotions in check. You see, emotions (especially negative ones) will focus in on one or two things and blow them up out of proportion (disregarding everything else in your world that’s positive), and they will lie to you. For example, if you allow your emotions to focus in on a couple of bad things in the world around you, then you will become blind to all the good and feelings of fear, dread, regret, bitterness, etc… will keep you from doing the things that you need to do to achieve your dreams.

My Girls, just “show up” – you’ll make it through… I promise.

Challenge Question: Where do you need to “show up” TODAY?

God’s Word: Isaiah 40-29-31 & Matt 28:18-20

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