If You Can't Feed 100 People Then Just Feed One

Do The Good That You Can


“If you can’t feed 100 people, then just feed one.” – Mother Teresa

Too often we see social issues such as hunger, poverty, broken families, injustice, addiction, and slavery (yes, slavery exists more today in our world than ever before) and we wonder within ourselves, “How could I ever make a difference?” It’s in this question that we can begin to feel small and incapable of doing anything that’s worth anything; therefore, we do nothing, or perhaps we feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what we see, not knowing where to begin; therefore, we do nothing. In either case, no one is served.

I understand the feelings of being overwhelmed and lacking the resources required to make a difference, and what I’ve found is that although I can’t solve the global, United States, or even local hunger issue, I can help feed someone TODAY, and in doing so help them get to tomorrow… Although I can’t solve the bigger broken family problem, I can teach the men around how to be Men of God, so that they can Love and lead their families the way they’re meant to – not break them, and although I can’t unscramble the eggs of an already broken family, I can work with the men around me who have to deal with the devastation they caused to help them heal those they’ve hurt… Although I can’t solve the bigger problem with addiction, I can help an addict see that it’s a God-shaped hole in their heart – not a drug or alcohol-shaped hole, and I can support them through the healing process. You see, I can’t solve the bigger issues, but God can help those affected through me if I’m willing to let Him.

My Girls, I Hope and Pray that you will do whatever you can do with what God has given you and be the Hands, Feet, and Mouth of Jesus to those in need around you – whatever those needs may look like TODAY.

Challenge Question: What good CAN you do TODAY?

God’s Word: Matthew 14:13-21 & 25:14-46, Mark 8:1-8, Acts 3:1-13, and James 1:27

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