Life Is One Grand Sweet Song So Start The Music - Ronald Reagan

Play Your Song Today


“Life is one grand, sweet song, so start playing the music.” – Ronald Reagan

God has given each of us a unique song in this life. Some play it with Joy. Some play it with reluctance, and some (far too many) never play it at all, going to their graves with their song unplayed – the world around them dim and full of despair.

We are all Called to play. For a very few, their life is a solo. For some, they belong in a band. For the majority, they play their part in an orchestra, but regardless of where the spotlight shines and the amount of recognition received, if I don’t play my part with all I have… if I don’t live my life with gusto and fulfill my Calling, then my song won’t be (my life can’t be) what it was Created to be, and those nearby that I’m Called to serve and bless will suffer loss.

Why don’t people play their songs? Well, some never find their Purpose. Some find it but lack the humility and confidence (that’s not a contradiction) to embrace it and play to their abilities; therefore, they go to the grave believing the lie that their song didn’t matter or it just wasn’t good enough to make a difference. Others go to the grave, refusing to play because they thought they should have had a better song, and they waste their life in hardness of heart and bitterness.

My Girls, I Hope and Pray that you will find your song’s refrain in Loving God and the chorus in Loving People, writing and singing the verses that are unique to you.

Challenge Question: What song will you write and play TODAY?

God’s Word: Romans 12 (I may write a book on this chapter one day)

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