We Are Saved By Faith But Faith That Saves Is Never Alone

Saving Faith Is Never Alone


“We are Saved by Faith alone, but Faith that Saves is never alone.” – John Calvin

So many Christians spend their lives Joyless and unHappy due to spiritual, mental, and physical exhaustion that often leads to frustration and sometimes even depression because they think they have to “do” all sorts of things to “repay” God for the Salvation that He Gave them through their Faith. Isn’t that crazy??? Why on earth would anyone try to pay for a gift, especially trying to pay back something so valuable – like Eternity… And what exactly could we give God that He would need? I mean He Created… well, He Created everything, including me/you/us and gave us the ability to “do” whatever we think we have to “do” to repay him.

Anyone caught on this spiritual “I have to ‘do’ to keep my Salvation” hamster wheel has an error in their Christian Walk formula. You see, they think…

Faith in Jesus’ Work + My Works = Salvation (WRONG)

But the Bible teaches this formula…

Faith in Jesus’ Work = Salvation + My Works (CORRECT)

My Girls, Faith in Jesus is what Saves you (not doing good things), and it’s through this same Saving Faith that you are enabled and empowered to be the Hands, Feet, and Mouth of Jesus to those who He brings into your life – those who He wants to Love through you.

Challenge Question: What will Faith look like in your life TODAY?

God’s Word: Ephesians 2:8-10, John 6:28-29, James 2:18-26, and Galatians 3:1-3

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