Keep You Face Always Toward The Sunshine And The Shadows Will Fall Behind You - Walt Whitman

Keep Your Face Toward The Light


“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

There will always be great shadows of inner-doubt, external criticism, and challenges that must be overcome in order to achieve our dreams, but if we stay focused on our Purpose and Direction and the immediate goals that lie before us, then those shadows will disappear as we face the sunshine of success in our purpose-driven lives.

Now we need to understand something… success doesn’t always look like glory… sometimes it looks like mustering up everything we’ve got inside to just get out of bed, and in doing so we achieve the first and perhaps the greatest victory of the day (anyone who battles depression will understand that one). And on other days, we receive the gold medal that culminates and celebrates days, weeks, months, years, decades, or even a lifetime of work. But regardless of the day, we need to realize that both are equally important – all of our days, regardless of the recognition we receive or the perceived difference our effort and courage seem to make are crucial in fulfilling our Callings in this life, and in both days we need to draw our strength from and focus on the Light.

My Girls, I Hope and Pray that you will always face The Light, which is the Love that is found in The Jesus of The Bible, and in doing so put the doubt, criticism, and challenges in their rightful place behind you. Keep Life Simple: Love God & People.

Challenge Question: In what direction will you turn your face TODAY?

God’s Word: Hebrews 12:1-4, Philippians 3:12-21, Psalm 34, 121 & 123, John 17:1-25, and Acts 7:55-60

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