Every Yes Must Be Defended By A Thousand No's - Jeff Walker

Defending Your “Yes” With “No”


“Every YES must be defended by a thousand NO’s.” – Jeff Walker

When we choose to say YES to something in life, distractions will arise (some disguised as other great opportunities) that will require us to say NO. The more resources our YES requires, the more NO’s demanded to defend it because we have limited time, focus, money, energy… with which to see our YES through to completion.

For example, if I say, YES to completing a 5k, given my current state of fitness, I wouldn’t have to say NO to much, but if I changed that YES to finishing the same 5k in less than 20 minutes… well, that’s a different story, because then I would need more time to train for speed (something I don’t enjoy), and I would have to lose 25-30 pounds. The finish in less than 20 minutes YES would require me to say NO to sleeping in and probably cutting out some activities in the evening as well. Additionally, I would have to say NO to larger portions at the table and cut out certain foods altogether (bye-bye turkey burgers and fries).

Regardless of the YES, there will be a cost, and it sounds a whole lot like different variations of NO.

My Girls, I Hope and Pray that you will select life goals that have Eternal Value, legacy-type dreams that will outlive your time here on earth – dreams that will drive you to say NO to the distractions of life so that you can finish strong and accomplish your dreams.

Challenge Question: What do you need to say NO to TODAY?

God’s Word: Luke 9:62 and Hebrews 10:23-25

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