How you see people is how you will serve people - Focus on the Family

How You See People Is How You’ll Serve Them


Brandy, Addy, and Grace,

“How you see people is how you’ll serve them.” – Focus on the Family podcast guest

Although I can’t recall the name of the guest on the Focus on the Family podcast, this statement struck me deep, especially in today’s social and political climate of intolerance, division, hatred, and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence. If you could draw a picture of The God of The Bible’s Heart, it would be about as opposite as you can get in comparison to what you find in mainstream America right now.

You see, The God of the Bible is The God of Grace, Mercy, and Love, who Loves everyone so much that He was willing to sacrifice His Son so that those He Loves can be reunited with Him through Faith. For those who Believe, this Love looks like a Calling to be the Hands, Feet, and Mouth of Jesus to those around them. He Calls us who Follow Him to lay down our self-interests and Serve others, just like The Jesus of The Bible did. He Calls us to Serve, Equip, and Encourage our Brothers and Sisters in The Faith, but His Love in this world doesn’t stop there… We’re also Called to Love and Serve those who don’t know The God of The Bible so they can see His Love and Truth through us, possibly finding it so irresistible that they too will want more and place their Faith in Jesus… not so that they can “Have Their Best Life Now,” but so they can withstand The Judgement that comes to everyone, either when we breathe our last or Jesus returns and this Age of Grace in which we live comes to an end and The Judgement begins.

“I find it ironic that much of the intolerance, division, hatred, and violence I see around me comes from those who once called for tolerance of what society has labled “alternative lifestyles” and the remainder comes from the other side, who often fly a banner of  morality in the name of their god (intentional little g), but it’s not The God of The Bible. Instead of seeking and giving tolerance and love, both sides sit in a judgement seat that doesn’t belong to them, condemning those who Jesus came to Serve and Save.” – Dad

My Girls, God has given you gifts and talents to Serve, along with access to the lives of those He Loves in this Fallen World. I Hope and Pray that you won’t get caught up in the intolerance, division, hatred, and violence that will keep you from doing the great things that God has Commissioned you to do (Matthew 28:18-20). I Hope and Pray that every “lifestyle” and people-group you come into contact with will be able to see The God of The Bible’s Love through you – not allowing your personal prejudices to get in the way of the “whoever” part of John 3:16.

KEEP LIFE SIMPLE, my Girls: Love God & People.

Challenge Question: Is there anyone in your life that The God of The Bible Loves who can’t see His Love through you TODAY?

God’s Word:  Mark 10:42-45, 1st Peter 4:8-11, Galatians 5:13-14, 1st John 3:18, and Philippians 2:1-8.

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